Modern Moulds & Tools Ltd

Designers and manufacturers of industrial moulds for the plastic injection industry.

Key Information:

Activity: Manufacturing of mould tools for the plastics industry
Location: Lancing, UK
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Founded in 1987, Modern Moulds & Tools Ltd are a specialist tool maker for the plastics industry. Modern Moulds use specific tooling and machinery knowledge and experience, to support the first steps of design, through to the moulding process. With their attention to detail and the expertise they have developed over the years, Modern Moulds are a key partner for the Bright-Tech group of companies. Modern Moulds produce the highest quality tools which compliment the companies in the group further down the manufacturing process.

Over the past five years, Modern Moulds have established strong business relations with a manufacturing facility in China. This alliance has increased capacity and flexibility while maintaining their excellent quality standards.

Modern Moulds & Tools Ltd
Modern Moulds Business Centre
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Tel: +44 (0)1903 851905 / 851906
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