Whistle Stop Plastics Ltd

Specialist plastic injection moulding company dealing with a very large selection of plastic materials.

Key Information:

Activity: Injection plastic moulding and assembly
Location: Lancing, UK
Accreditation: ISO9001 (Quality)
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Founded in 1997, Whiste Stop Plastics Ltd specialise in the injection moulding of plastic omponents for a large scope of industries, ranging from civil aeronautics, through high-end audio components, to water treatment filters. Their core business lies in the high quality manufacturing of small components, including the specialised over-moulding process, whereby components are created using one type of plastic, and completed or over-layered with another specific material.

Thanks to their extensive experience in moulding with over 300 types of plastic, Whistle Stop Plastics provide the group with a wide scope of specialist knowhow in plastic injection moulding. They can also offer project management, including the comprehensive approach of taking design concepts to the fully grown product. Their project management extends even further, taking into account their strong partner in China, whose quality is continuously and thoroughly controled to ensure the high quality standards the company has been offered over the years.

Whistle Stop Plastics Ltd
Malborough House
Malborough Road
Lancing Business Park
West Sussex
BN15 8UF
Tel: +44 (0)1903 875888
Fax: +44 (0)1903 875889
Contact Whistle Stop Plastics Ltd info@wsplastics.co.uk